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The countdown is on for Holiday purchases and businesses across the globe are making a push to sell sell sell. And at this time of the year, most consumer companies will be increasing their support force. In 2019, I would invite all B2C companies to think how AI could have helped their operations during these peak times of customer support! Ping us for that ;)

We like to see these sorts of articles 🙌 despite knowing well just how transformative chatbots are in the enterprise. What caught our eye was the $4.5B expected to be invested by 2021, which seems to be an increase on previous estimates. We love to hear it! What about you, do you see an increase in investment across the chatbot landscape? Tweet us @replydotai if you do, would love to hear from you!

“By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human”. This was Gartner’s prediction back in the days, which it is obvious we won’t arrive in 2020. But, what is clear, is that AI applied to Customer Service will be present in the majority of the companies to help Support teams to be more efficient, reduce unnecessary costs and improve the overall customer experience. That’s why we are so excited about the future of, Customer Experience will be key to compete in this globalized world.
Most of us, hopefully, will spend minimal time in a hospital or a large scale clinic. When we do we’re often lost, confused, emotional and anxious. We like to see Accenture adding chat as part of its health care practice and agree this is a good use case for providing 24/7 information about the facilities and where you can find things. Messaging is a common denominator and for many navigating a website or mobile app in a hospital isn’t a pleasant thought, chatbots can add a lot of value here.
We would be remiss to not comment on this opinion piece by Jamie Susskind, a lawyer and author focused on the ever changing, politically charged present day. While we try and keep things non political here at CBW, it is our belief that AI-powered technology can help and assist with human endeavors, be they for business or politics or something else. This article attempts to pin the chaos in today's politics on chatbots, we feel that's a stretch 👀… Perhaps educating the people who use technology is a better path, perhaps educating the broader user base is the best path.

Don’t blame the chatbot!
Let us know if you agree @replydotai
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