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Hey everyone! Here we are with a fresh new look--hope you like!  Part of a few changes we’ll be rolling out to make Chatbots Weekly even better. Now, let’s jump right in...
People love anointing things “The Next Big Thing,” amirite? This thorough article does a great job of explaining the difference between Voice Search and Voice Enabled Interactions, and how they fit within Conversational AI. Conversational AI is the true disruptor, it just has multiple interfaces on which it manifests--like voice. Better defining that nuance helps organizations better define who (and which budget) owns Conversational AI initiatives.
or marketers, and voice search is just the beginning.

Well this is exciting. Google once again releases another product to solve arguably the biggest challenge facing AI developers: training data. Anyone tried this yet? Let us know, would love to hear about it!

And today in things that are infuriating but at the same time not super surprising. Turns out companies vary your customer service based on your “Customer Lifetime Value” or CLV. Meaning how much 💰you represent. Black Mirror, anyone?

And we leave you with this weekend-worthy long read. Anyone considering applying AI to their organization should breeze through this article. Our favorite part is the peek into how Amazon is infiltrating, well, everything with Alexa, through proliferating, tentacles of strategic partnerships everywhere from dorm rooms to hotels to 3rd-party hardware. She’s everywhere. 
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