Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great, restful holiday. Lots of stuff going on, in particular from Google with Chatbase.  And of course, Facebook's Web Widget (in closed beta for now).  Every company should be thinking about their strategy around this new Web Widget. What can you do when you're instantly granted access to name, gender, location, language and push notifications with higher CTR than email to every website visitor.

This can be pretty huge. Ping us to learn more.
Gotta say, never a dull moment as this industry matures. Let’s dive right in!


Upcoming Events

We’re proud to announce that Reply’s very own Clara de Soto has been selected as a finalist for Female Founders in Tech! In NY December 11th? Check out the competition here. 

Notable Bots

Just in time for the holidays, check out Morton Brine Time - the Alexa Skill from icon brand, Morton's Salt (and built on Reply) that helps you prepare the perfect turkey this holiday season. 

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Curated with :love: from NY by Omar Pera (@ompemi) and the Reply.ai team. Ping me to chat ;)