Issue #14

Chat Bots Weekly

Kik launched their bot store and opened their API to the public. In order for your bot to be published in the store, it needs to be reviewed manually, same as in Slack. From the developer perspective: very neat, they took the simplicity of Telegram's BotFather and then simplified it even further. Offtopic note: I love Kik codes and how fast they are scanned. Yeah, I know it’s uncool to even say the word “QR”, but I have hope in these new QRs.

And then, F8 is coming out this Tuesday. The Message section of a Facebook business page is going to become relevant again. They are going to push for this a lot. Ah! Messenger codes were released, too.

What’s keeping me busy, other than writing this newsletter, is building a chat bot platform for businesses to create interactive conversations visually. We’re staying under the radar with a small number of partners that are creating working prototypes in a few hours and deploying in production in a few weeks. If you want to move fast and launch across Messenger, Kik, SMS and Telegram, ping me and let’s talk!


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