Issue #20

Chat Bots Weekly

I could not finish last week's issue in time. We were working hard on a big release to our child I hope you enjoy this week's issue ;) 

Twilio has released Twilio IP Messaging, competing with other Chat SDKs, and Twilio Notify, to send push notifications across SMS, Mobile apps and Messaging. And that's not all, they just released a marketplace for 3rd party add-ons to their Programmable SMS service.

Foursquare released a bot to discover restaurants. Cool. Microsoft is experimenting with consumer bots with a News bot. Cool. Now, go to the App Store to get them. Not cool.

Interesting stuff is happening too in the voice space. Google Home and Echo on one side, and Viv and Siri on the other, are fighting to be well positioned once voice assistants take off. All of them are releasing their own SDKs real soon. Sit back and relax, this war is going to be a lot of fun.

And the last thing that caught my attention. A Facebook engineer posted some tips about Messenger bots. He seems a bit worried about the quality of the bots being approved by Facebook. I share this concern: hopefully bots don't end up being wrappers around RSS or Instagram feeds in the minds of consumers. 


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