Dan Grover, a former WeChat Project Manager (we highlighted this great post by him some weeks ago), is joining Facebook. Another sign that shows Facebook is serious about bots.

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I took this photo at a bot meetup in NY last week. It's a good overview of the landscape:

Unrelated Pro tip: just say you're building a bot that's gonna leverage AI and machine learning, and you’re guaranteed to appear in press. Even if your bot just does a simple exchange of 5 pre-programmed messages with a couple of buttons. Yup.




Cute little bot to find flights. Their NLP is a little rudimentary, and they are not yet leveraging the latest airline-related widgets. But it’s a start. Booking.com announced a bot, but it’s not widely deployed yet.

Whole Foods

A very basic recipe browser.


In short, text Hi to 424-373-7626 to order burritos and tacos.


The chatbot for marketing and sales developed by HubSpot's CTO.


Whitepaper about intelligent agents

ML & AI Podcast: Deep Learning for Chatbots

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