It's been a while!

We’ve been quite busy over here at Just launched a partnership with Transcosmos America and Japan (deploying omnichannel conversational commerce + support on both Web widgets and Messaging).  Oh, and the whole team is in San Francisco until the end of October as part of RGA Connected Commerce Accelerator. Very busy!

Thanks so much for your patience! If you’re around the bay, please ping me for coffee :)

Now, back to BOTS! It’s been a big (few) week(s) for bots. Google and Amazon picked their belles of the A.I. ball, acquiring/acqui-hiring and, respectively. Will this mean more free NLP services a la NLP for one and all?

Payments for Messenger was finally released! And, just as exciting--Facebook shipped a way to easily share content with your Messenger friends, substantially boosting the potential for bot virality.  Using these new features, we’ve been working with a financial services company for their “Account Linking,” and the experience is just amazing. It seamlessly opens a login page, returning the authentication details for that user to access personal information, then brings them right back to the bot. Very cool.

And last but not least: WeChat opened their Bot API (hope you’ve been brushing up on your Chinese), LINE opened their Bot API for Business Accounts, and finally, seems Oracle has plans for their own Bot Platform. What a week(s)!



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Curated with :love: from SF (till November) by Omar Pera (@ompemi) and the team. If you are SF, ping me for coffee. If you are outside, ping me to chat ;)