Issue #4

Chat Bots Weekly

This week everyone is talking about the same thing: Parse, the most popular mobile backend as a service, has announced that the service will be shutting down next year.

I like Parse. And I used it quite a lot: all our Telegram bots run on Parse, with 120k users. And we’ve sent tens of millions of notifications from our Android apps through Parse.

So, this is pretty bad news on at least two fronts. On the one hand, it looks like Facebook couldn’t make it work in a way that made sense financially. If that was their main reason, it represents a big warning for other companies offering similar services. But, also, this has an effect on the trust of developers on current and future Facebook developer services, including the upcoming Chat SDK. We'll have to think harder about our backup plan.

Offtopic: this newsletter is growing very fast mainly through word of mouth, thanks a lot!




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