Well, if you haven’t already heard, in response to the recent news related to Cambridge Analytica concerning data privacy, Facebook has asked app developers to temporarily pause the ability for their apps to connect to business pages:

"[W]e are currently pausing app review, which means there will be no new bots/experiences added to the platform while we review our policies and make necessary adjustments."

What does this mean? Good news is bots that are currently connected to business pages will not be affected. However, If for any reason you choose to disconnect an existing bot from a page, it will not be possible to reconnect during this period.

Although Facebook has not announced how long the pause of app review process will last, we are told it is only temporary and should not last more than a couple of weeks. 

One ray of light for anyone planning April Fools bot launches or what have you--there is an option to apply for an exception.

At Reply.ai, we’re monitoring this situation very closely and will be sure to share updates when we have them right here. 

In the meantime...


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